Focusing Attention and Managing Distractions

Focusing Attention and Managing Distractions

What do you get:

  • one year access to online learning programme - consisting of six in depth sections plus introduction and summary, with videos, tools, tips and workshop exercises to work through.
  • two 30 minute coaching sessions via video call.




The Focusing Attention and Managing Distractions programme is designed to provide you with the skills and knowledge to deliver your best work, even in an environment of distraction and overwhelm.

Many of you will be comfortable dealing with a large volume of information and working in environment where distraction is the norm – you may even welcome the challenge it brings. Others of you might find it a bit more difficult to deal with. No matter where you fit, this programme is designed to equip you with high impact techniques for functioning at your best and getting your most important work done. You will be provided with a toolkit of ideas and techniques that, if practiced regularly, will enhance your productivity, creativity and performance.

This programme comprises a powerful combination of videos and well- researched techniques and tools that make the biggest difference to your ability to focus your attention, manage distractions and get your most important work done.

These techniques and tools have been widely used with diverse audiences, representing all organisational levels and have been refined based on feedback to focus on those that are simple and practical to use and have the biggest impact on people’s productivity.​


When you purchase this programme you will receive access details for you to sign into the Flourishing Institute learning portal. Here you can see the courses you have purchased and this is where you will complete the online part of the course. You will also receive information on the coached sessions and how to book these video calls with our coach at designated points throughout your learning. We're also available throughout your journey so please reach out if you have any questions.


This is a self-paced learning programme – there is a generous access timeframe of one year so there's virtually no time limit for completing this course and you can revisit it as often as you want within the year, so come back and refresh and reference all the tips and tools. There are seven concise videos to watch, along with reflection questions to complete and workshop exercises to download. There are a couple of summary handouts which provide an overview of different techniques for you to print off and keep.

After you have completed the first set of videos 1-3 then you have a half hour, one to one video chat with our coach to talk through your findings and how best you can implement them. The same after the 2nd set of videos; 4 and 5.

It is better to complete a little section every few days, rather than try and cram the programme into a short burst. Previous programme participants have suggested that it helps to put some regular time aside for your learning.

Share what you are working on with your family and friends. By involving them, they will understand more about what you are going through and they can support you in making positive and sustainable behaviour change.


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