I don't like cricket, I love them.

With the recent defeat in the cricket word cup of NZ to the England team you would think cricket is not a subject I want to talk about. But that's not the cricket I refer to.

Cricket powder or flour is an amazing source of protein and Branched Chain Amino Acids. Also it is lower in Omega 6 than whey powder and more sustainable for the planet.

Along with feed and water there is Co2 output from farming that contributes to our current global warming.

Beef is a great source of protein but comes with a higher fat content and less dietary fibre.

The main source of protein powders you will find on the market are either Whey or Soya. Whey is the by-product from making cheese so is a good use of resource.

Crickets are a more natural source of protein than whey or soya powder as both of these need to go through a process to extract it, also many powders have additives and flavourings added to them. Cricket powder is just cooked and ground up crickets and has a very mild nutty flavour. Cricket powder is lower in Omega 6 and higher in Omega 3 than whey and soya so balances our modern lifestyle resulting Omega 6 overload compared to Omega 3 intake. Cricket powder also has Vitamins B1, B2, E, Magnesium, Calcium and is a great source of Iron.

If you are allergic to shellfish you may want to test cricket powder or try worm powder instead.

So now I've convinced you to give cricket a try how do you use it?

Like other protein powders you can use it in shakes or energy balls for on the go snacks. If you are like me and have oats, berries and fruit for breakfast you are only getting a protein source through the yogurt and oats, which is great but by adding a scoop of protein powder to your breakfast you are giving yourself a boost right from the get go. Remember protein helps you stay fuller for longer so is excellent in giving you energy and weight management.

I have been making energy balls to have between classes and workouts that I do to help muscle growth and repair and also to stop me snacking on carbs.

Energy balls are easy to make and you can easily adapt to your own tastes

Cricket Balls Recipe

Base ingredients: 2 x cups of sticky dried fruit eg dates, apricots, raisins, currents, cranberries etc make it a mix or just keep it simple, your choice. 2 x tbs coconut oil or similar 2 x cups of any of dry ingredients: I use oats, dessicated coconut, seeds like chia, flaxseed, sunflower. I also put in almonds and other nuts even peanut butter.

Don't forget the Cricket powder for this amount I use 20g of powder, the mix will make about 20 balls so 1gram of protein per ball. Add some salt if like me you lose a lot in sweat.

Put all your ingredients in a food processor, blitz until its all crumbly it will take a few minutes. With wet hands squish the mix into walnut size balls.

Place in a container and chill in fridge.

The coconut oil will harden in the fridge and make the balls firmer. 

Experiment what works for you

If you prefer having a shake then again add in a 10g scoop per shake.


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